You have landed exactly where you were meant to be. Flourish is a blog to encourage and empower women. Consider it a retreat from all of the demands of the world and a place to seek spiritual encouragement and inspiration. No matter where you are currently in your life, you can find support here. The tools you need are available to heal and live the blessed and abundant life you deserve in Christ.

So many women, even Christian women, are lacking that spark, vitality, and radiance to live with purpose and passion.

Let’s get to work turning your life around! Together we can transform it from an existence of barely getting by to a life that you love. My desire is that Flourish inspires you to live each day with the intention of appreciating the many little meaningful moments. I want to see you healed by Christ’s love and to wake up each morning energized and excited.

I transformed from a defeated victim of abuse and divorce into a woman who loves her life! I not only survived but I learned how to thrive. I have a precious son, an amazing husband, a beautiful home, and a life I use to only dream of.  Through prayer, reading scriptures, a loving support system, and journaling you can have the hope you need to create a life you love. Remember, it is Christ that brings about the transformation.

All women can enjoy free weekly blog posts and encouragement. I am also in the process of adding some free resources to the website. If you choose to support Flourish, please feel free to shop the page Heirlooms. It’s a page of curated, hand selected items. They will become heirlooms in your home and the commission from your purchases propel this blog.

I appreciate all of my readers so very much and pray for you daily. Email or message me any time. I love to hear from you and try to respond to every email and question.