A Weekend Plan to Pause and Reflect

All woman have times in our life when we need to hit the reset button and get our feet back on solid ground. I have had periods of time in my own life where I needed to recover from traumatic events. Yet even normal day to day stressors like work and a messy house can eventually take their toll. Lately I went through a brief slump of negativity. My thought habits quickly became life draining and I knew it was time to take action to get back on track. John Gray describes women as waves that “naturally go up and down.” One of my friends said recently her wave had crashed and I completely related to that experience.

Just a two day weekend can be all you need to get back on track, gain new vision and much needed fresh inspiration. Here is my plan for when I need a spiritual lift.

Start with a prayer for your weekend. Pour your heart out to God and pray to hear and receive the right word at the right time. Pray that you will experience over whelming blessings. Turn these next two days over and let God do a dramatic work in your life.

*Be Open to New Beliefs.

Anytime I have gotten myself in a mess it has been due to false, negative beliefs that are not serving my higher good. These false beliefs can range from something minor to a deeper more severe belief that is impeding on my self worth.

One dramatic thing I noticed when I dove much, much deeper into my spiritual journey is that many of the negative beliefs I had acquired were completely contrary to what God wants for my life. Because of accepting grace through Christ it is God’s will for me to have an amazingly abundant life (see John 10:10) and for my family to experience blissful days like heaven on earth (see Deuteronomy 11:21).

In order to have lasting positive change all of these true beliefs will need to be taken to heart. Some of the radically wonderful promises in the Bible overwhelmed me at first and went counterintuitive to what I thought I needed to experience and “earn” first through good works and striving for perfection.

I love the quote by Brennan Manning and even use it as an affirmation at times. “Define yourself as one radically loved by God. This is your true self. Every other identity is an illusion.”

If you are not ready to embrace new and true beliefs with open arms then you simply aren’t ready for change and growth in your life. Any attempts to better your life will be futile.

*Create Daily Morning Affirmations.

Having an empowering morning routine is something that is touted all over Pinterest and on almost every self-help blog. For me, having a list of positive affirmations to read in the morning sets the foundation for my entire day. Over the course of the past four years I have had my morning reading time at home, at a coffee shop, and at a library after dropping my son off at day care. Now with my current schedule I set my alarm to go off an hour early so I can savor the quiet before every one else wakes up.

My morning affirmations are kept in a list. Usually around ten or so. I like to have them saved in my phone but a gorgeous floral notebook works well too. Transformational power comes from Christ, not of ourselves (John 15:5). So I choose to base my morning affirmations around scripture.

Some examples are:

I live a beautiful life that is overflowing with abundance (John 10:10).

I have a new life in Christ and I am radiant with joy. (Psalms 34:5).

I am full of life and energy. (Romans 8:11).

God goes before me making my path lovely and this day is divinely timed. God’s presence is with me all day (Deuteronomy 31:8).

Take some time this weekend to create a list of affirmations that you can carry with you into next week and the weeks ahead. What do you need? What would benefit you the most to read, believe, and affirm each morning. The affirmations you take time to write very quickly replace your negative thoughts and lift you to a higher place.

*Create Daily Evening Affirmations.

Just as it is important to start my day on the right foot, I end it with a few evening affirmations as well. Usually I have around four or five affirmations to meditate on before I go to sleep.

My absolute favorite is Psalm 127:2 in the Amplified Bible. God blesses me even as I sleep.

My territory, influence, and capacity to receive blessings expands daily (1 Chronicles 4:10).

I receive everything I need from God’s endless supply (John 1:16).

It takes planning and effort for me to maintain positive thoughts. That use to discourage me when I would compare myself to other women who seemed so effortlessly positive all of the time. Putting time into these affirmations is like planning your thoughts for the week in advance. It works wonders for me personally.

*Get Inspired.

One of the best journal prompts I have ever read suggested to write a page describing your ideal self. What your ideal self feels like, what she does on a daily basis, how she cares for her children, how she dresses, how she interacts with her family…I took this exercise and poured my heart into it, actually writing it on one of the note pages in my day planner so I could see it multiple times per day. This journal prompt helped mold my prayer requests, daily affirmations, and life choices. Through promptings of the Holy Spirit I became this exact person in only a matter of a couple months!

I highly recommend doing this exercise and using as many descriptive words as you can. Find scriptures to empower your vision and provide you with the promises you need to see it come to fruition.

*Prayer and Meditation.

There is really no ability within myself to make any lasting changes. For me, all of my strength and wisdom comes from God. Having some moments of meditation and prayer connect me to my life force (my vine) and give encouragement, rivers of grace, direction, and guidance. Lately I have enjoyed sitting outside in the sunshine praying and quietly listening for the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

I pray continually throughout the day, but I find that I have to make time and space to hear and receive. I seek out as many opportunities for quiet moments as I possibly can, such as early mornings, sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee after work, driving in the car with no radio on.

In just a day or two it is possible to experience profound changes you can see and feel. The key is to not put pressure on your self to change. Let the transformation be God breathed and let it deepen your spiritual relationship with Christ. The more goodness you receive the deeper your gratitude is for what was done on the cross.

Grab your digital or paper journal and begin writing your affirmations and the description of your ideal self. Send me a quick email and share them with me. I will gladly join in praying for you!

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