A Meditation for the Worst of Times

During the worst time of my life, I had a routine that allowed me to lean into my need for growth and walk through the valley to the other side. Psalm 37 was my prayer guide and meditation. In the evening before I could sleep I would sit in a comfy chair next to a beautiful white orchid, sip some herbal tea and allow the words of Psalm 37 to seep into my soul.

God is Pleased with You: The Foundation of Everything

God is pleased with you.
We all go through difficult times in our lives, and this message is for women who can empathize with times of feeling broken. You may be in the midst of what feels like chaos and disaster, or you may simply just have lost your spark, going through the motions every day with no zeal or passion for life. Wherever you happen to be, we can always use a refreshing reminder of our spiritual foundation.